Monday, March 28, 2011


Thursday24th of March the was the last day of steroids and Friday the 25th our little Jekyl & Hyde went in for another bone marrow biopsy and spinal chemo. Here she is wanting to go home before it even started. We should have the results tomorrow. The hope is that there is no trace of cancer. We know of course that it would still be there but we don't want to see it. Her hair was looking so scrappy that we finally cut it short. I didn't want to shave it because I was afraid it would make her too cold. She is still shedding but it isn't in her mouth, itching her neck etc.
Saturday and Sunday were pretty hard because Abigial doesn't do well after the lumbar punctures anyway, but the biopsies seem to really bother her. In fact neither she or either of her parents got any sleep at all on Saturday night. It was really miserable. Luckily, her initial treatment phase called "induction" is over now. We are being given a week off. Fortunately, they are changing our chemo day, so we get 10 days off. As luck would have it, those days coincide with my kids' spring break.

The icing on the cake is that her "blood numbers" as we have come to call them, look fantastic! All but one of the values looks normal. Meaning that they are just like our other kids right now. We can go out in public and take her places again.

*I wrote this over a week ago and forgot to post it. My goal today is updating so I hope to add more posts. Unfortunately, that was yesterday's goal and we ended up with 7 hours of screaming and pain and a brief ER visit. Hopefully today will go better.