Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Our 2 1/2 year old daughter Abigail was diagnosed at 2 a.m. Thursay morning, Feb. 24 with Leukemia. We had taken her in to the doctor and then the hospital because her leg hurt and she wouldn't walk. We went from probable toddler fracture to Leukemia in 2 hours. 13 hours later she was in surgery getting a permanant port, spinal puncture with chemo, and a bone marrow biopsy. Tomorrow or Sat. she starts 2+ years of cancer treatments. The success rate is roughly 80%.

One of the most unique things about Abigail is that she is an identical twin. Both twins have Down Syndrome. Because of this her twin Natasha has a 50-75% chance of getting it. If not now, eventually.

I wanted to start a blog that followed her cancer treatments and pointed out all of the positive things that can and will come from this experience. It has only been about 5 days since the diagnosis now and I can already see so many amazing things we have learned and little small miracles that have taken place. This blog is here to help me recognize and remember these experiences. Also, sometimes I need a little encouragement to look for the silver lining.


  1. Hey Mama, someone just sent me your blog and I scrolled through and stopped at one picture. You and Abigail, in bed. Both....smiling. Your words are hopeful and strong. Your beautiful girls are in my thoughts and prayers. From one mama who desperately loves her girls to another.

  2. A friend of your beautiful daughter's Aunt Sally sent me a link to your blog, and I'm honored to be here with you. My daughter was diagnosed with ALL in April of 2010 after two months of doctors who pooh-poohed her pain and believed an orthopedist who thought he might have seen a stress fracture on a film. She has been in remission since her 3rd day of treatment, and we have great hopes for the future. I hope it will not be long until you can say the same thing for Abigail.

    Reading your post brings me back to our first weeks. It is so hard, but the ~relief~ of finally knowing what is wrong... That is indeed the silver lining.

    When you have a moment to breathe, my recommendation is to contact your local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society when you have a moment. Ours has been amazing, and my daughter has made some very good friends around the office here. We are all lucky to have such a great organization in our corner!

    Love to you from us strangers here in CA.

  3. Hello, I read ur blog and I feel ur pain. My Lil grl is now 4 1/2 and 2 yrs ago this nov. 19th she was diagnosed with Luekeimia as well and also was only 2 1/2. she had all the same symptoms as ur daughter including constant fevers. At her time of diagnoses on Nov. 19th of 2009 she had a White count over 200,000 a red count of 5.4 and platelets of 7. In her treatment she received het intensification phase twice and 8 treatments of radiation to her brain. I have 3 much older children and it's been quite difficult for the entire family. It's crazy when I read something like ur story because I know what we've been through and I feel the pain of other families going through the same thing. We are 4 short months away from being all done with treatment n we pray it all end well! My prayers are with you and your family that you too will meet a happy ending to all of this... God Bless you and your Family!!