Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last Friday Abigail had her final tie with cancer removed--her port. A port is a small nickel-sized device that hooks into the vein leaving your heart. It's used for easier access for blood draws and quick dispersal of elixir from heaven (chemo). 
 I was surprised how well she did. She's never even needed so much as a dose of Tylenol since. In fact, she did so well that we took her to Disney's Hollywood studios the next day. 

I don't know how much she actually realizes because while we tell her that there is no port and that it's all gone, She still has dissolvable stitches and a bandage on her chest.  Hard to be "all gone" when it's still there, right?

But the reality is that the rest of her family knows. It's finally starting to sink in that this chapter of our life is winding down. Don't get me wrong we're not out of the woods altogether with Abigail (relapses are still possible even if rare) and we are practically married to the oncology department at the children's hospital for at least another five years, but if all goes well the worst with Abigail is over.  Now, if we could just get Natasha to that point. ..