Sunday, April 24, 2011


We recently got the news that the last bone marrow biopsy showed that Abigail was cancer free. Technically, I guess, you could call her "in remission". Unfortunately, it doesn't change the treatment any. It is still 2 years because we know that it will keep coming back. We are just beyond thrilled to know that it is working and her body is responding!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I was sure that Abigail was destined to be bald by now, but not so. She is holding on to a few remaining hairs. You can't see it here, but she has a little chunk on the other side that you could almost make into a small pigtail. We were told that she would want hats on because her head would be cold. So far she could take them or leave them unless she is outside in the cold. I guess the little that she has left is enough to keep her from freezing. She keeps asking about her hair every time she sees herself in a mirror. I try to be upbeat and indicate that she has a cute hair cut--she's not buyin' it. She has tried several times to put a bow in her hair or indicate that it's her turn when I am doing her twin's hair. I lightly comb it, but what else can I do?

The other day my mom was playing with the girls. Abigail pulled Natasha's pigtail and then touched her head. She followed that up with her shoulders and hands raised as if to ask, "where's my hair?" My mom was having a hard time not crying. Abigail then laid next to Tasha and ran her fingers through her pig tail for a while. She used to fall asleep by sucking on her left thumb and playing with her hair with her right hand. The other night I laid with her and she played with my hair.

We have been really blessed by an outpouring of hats. Right about the time she needed some, we were surprised to get some from unexpected sources. Someone at my brother's work was kind enough to give us a some hats & flowers. Our girls have gone up there about every 6 months since they were only a few weeks old. I was so touched by their kindness.
This pink, black & white one is hysterical! Abigail's Aunt Sally and her sweet friend Emily have made sure that Abigail is nothing short of a fashion statement in the hats they have sent. THANKS! Everywhere we go from the grocery store to the Oncology clinic, people ask where we got the hats. In case you are interested, it's from Confetti Betty Couture. Here is the link: The hats have worked really well for Abigial because they are so soft on her scalp.

Emily was so sweet! She sent a box of little gifts for everyone in our whole family! It was so thoughtful and made our week. I hadn't realized how left out our other kids were feeling. They didn't want hats themselves, but it stunk that things were always coming for Abigail only. This was so thoughtful. Here are the girls showing off their new stuff.

Abigail was delighted to have some new things to play with since she still wasn't mobile.

Here are my twins opening their most recent hats from Emily.

Sometimes they just crack me up and I am so glad they are mine.

Another fun package we received recently was filled with hats from Abigail's cousins in NV. Thanks guys! Along with a few friends, they knit several hats for her. Even my 7 year old niece made one!

Abigail is modeling above & Tasha Bear below.

The girls didn't want baby Corban to be left out either.

Receiving all of these hats has really made me think. Would I be this generous with someone else's child? People have given their money, time, talents, and resources to help my little girl. Many of them have not even met her or have only briefly met her. It amazes me that so many people are so giving. I learn so much every day from the example of those around me. I want to be more unselfish and more able to recognize opportunities to help others. Hats seem like such a small thing but to a mother and toddler who feel the loss of two little pigtails, it is really a huge blessing.