Tuesday, July 10, 2012


today we had a strange thing happen.   both of the twins had been acting normally, but we noticed that natasha felt warmer than abigail. she was running a mild fever.  we always have to go to the hospital with a fever, so we called oncology.  since the fever was low, they told us to wait 30 minutes and check again before we came in.  on a whim, we checked abigail 30 minutes later as well.   she was also running a fever.   this is the first time they have ever run a fever at the same time.   I took them both up to clinic which tends to be challenging with only 1 adult.   we had to access their ports, draw blood cultures, cbc's, and have a physician check .  their blood looked good and so they gave them an antibiotic.   here they are side by side with their green masks being weighed measured and having their blood pressure taken.   the next photo shows them together both receiving their antibiotics at the same time. This is a first .  now we wait 24 hours to see if they have any other fevers.  if they run a fever after the 24 hours, then we have to go up and do it all over again.   it's a good thing that my dentist was understanding about the appointment that I cancelled last minute to take them up to the hospital. 

please forgive all of the spelling errors and lack of capital letters.  I had to do all of this by phone before I got home, or I knew I would never get it done .  I have 2 other children at home with the stomach flu. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

(Abigail on the left, Natasha in the middle, Corban on the right)

(Natasha on left, Abigail on right)

It goes without saying but, we have been very busy lately. We wanted to update the blog with some recent pictures of the twins. The picture on the top shows how much weight Natasha has lost over the last few months. We have been trying to get her to gain weight by giving her the option to eat whatever she wants, but she usually only wants "fishy" crackers (Goldfish). She was delayed in getting chemo for about a month because her blood counts were not high enough. On a positive note, she is getting peach fuzz on her head because of the delay in chemo. Some people who don't know them mistake them for boys even when they are wearing pink. They always seem to smile through it all and they continue to help us have positive attitudes.

We also want to thank everyone for helping us reach and exceed the fundraising goal for the twins!!! Here is the link to the fundraising site we used: Youcaring.com - twins with leukemia  Thank you to everyone that donated, and to those that shared the links and videos on their facebook, email, and just telling their friends, family, and others about the twins. Also, thank you to those who have been praying for the twins and sending positive thoughts and energy our way. We have felt it!

The girls and our family were featured on KSL channel 5 on a show called Mormon Times on Sunday July 1. Here is the link to watch the story: Mormon Times Show  We would like to thank Irinna and Thompson (who came out and interviewed and filmed us). They were so patient and kind.