Monday, July 2, 2012

(Abigail on the left, Natasha in the middle, Corban on the right)

(Natasha on left, Abigail on right)

It goes without saying but, we have been very busy lately. We wanted to update the blog with some recent pictures of the twins. The picture on the top shows how much weight Natasha has lost over the last few months. We have been trying to get her to gain weight by giving her the option to eat whatever she wants, but she usually only wants "fishy" crackers (Goldfish). She was delayed in getting chemo for about a month because her blood counts were not high enough. On a positive note, she is getting peach fuzz on her head because of the delay in chemo. Some people who don't know them mistake them for boys even when they are wearing pink. They always seem to smile through it all and they continue to help us have positive attitudes.

We also want to thank everyone for helping us reach and exceed the fundraising goal for the twins!!! Here is the link to the fundraising site we used: - twins with leukemia  Thank you to everyone that donated, and to those that shared the links and videos on their facebook, email, and just telling their friends, family, and others about the twins. Also, thank you to those who have been praying for the twins and sending positive thoughts and energy our way. We have felt it!

The girls and our family were featured on KSL channel 5 on a show called Mormon Times on Sunday July 1. Here is the link to watch the story: Mormon Times Show  We would like to thank Irinna and Thompson (who came out and interviewed and filmed us). They were so patient and kind.


  1. I just saw your story on ksl...we actually saw your family at the hospital when we were there the end of April after our little boy was hit by a car. I just wanted you guys to know how impressed I was... We actually saw you walk in to sacrament meeting with all your children and your twins... And I told my husband how crazy it was that they both had some sort of cancer... I actually didn't really believe it! But what I was envious of was your whole family there... So with us being from St George...we made certain our other 4 children joined us the following Sunday. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! My husband and I I think sobbed through the whole thing! I compared it to being in the temple with all my children when we adopted our two youngest and had them sealed to us... It's a very very tender spirit there and I'm so glad you inspired us to do that! So thank you! I'm sure you hear as I do more than not... How do you keep it all together and keep going?... Well I've learned you just do! Prayers are amazing and you seem to gain strength you never thought you had... Even in your darkest moments! Please hold on! Your story is amazing and I know you'll be blessed beyond what you ever thought! I pray those cute girls will have the strength to keep going... Along with the rest of your family! Thank you for your great example to our family and so many others! Misty Greer

  2. It's Adrienne Sharples... I saw your girls on today. I actually watched your you tube video about a month ago. Just wanted to let you know your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Kimberly and Josh! I just found your blog and Facebook page through a gal in my ward. I hope you remember me- I lived across the hall from you in those horrid condos in West Jordan. :)

    What a beautiful family you have! And what sweet little girls that are going through so much pain. I wish you all the best and will pray that you'll have all the strength you need to get through this!

    Becca (Dunn)

  4. I just saw you on KSL. I want to donate but the fundraiser on you caring has ended. Any other ways to donate?

  5. I just saw the story on MSNBC. You should re-open your fund. Bet there are a number of other people wanting to contribute. God bless!