Thursday, April 19, 2012


We actually had a first last night.  When Natasha was in the ER on the 17th they drew blood cultures like they do every time.  She got antibiotics that last for 24 hours.  we just need to make sure that she does not have a fever again after the 24 hours is up or we have to go back to the ER for more.  Needless to say, we were delighted when, on the 18th, there was no fever after 10 pm.  Unfortunately, a good night sleep was not in the cards for us. 

About 12:30 I heard my phone go off. My ringtone for the children's hospital is "how to save a life",  so at first I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or if my phone was actually ringing.  When I got up I had missed the call, but I called back and spoke to the ER doctor.  Her blood cultures from the night before had grown out with "gram + rods".  That's hospital talk for "bad news, come in right away". We threw a bag in the car and then added Natasha.  It was one of those long panicky drives that I hate.  Josh stayed with the kids so I was alone with that "what if" fear that comes from having a kid with cancer. 

Upon arrival, we went straight up to the cancer wing where they were waiting for us.  We were admitted immediately and her port was accessed and filled with antibiotics.  When we finally got to sleep we just crashed.  This morning she is still fever free and has a ton of energy.  You would never know she was sick.  Her blood levels look great but her output is lacking.  Hopefully we will be out by tonight or tomorrow.  Fingers crossed...


  1. Oh sweet girl - praying for you!

  2. What a trooper you are. I know about those fever runs to the ER and I don't even have a kid with cancer, but my girl used to do 105s ALL the time as a baby! But there is nothing that can compare to middle of the nights and that fear that comes with it....Hoping and praying that things smooth out here for you.

  3. haha love the pics. Best of luck!