Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have to share this because I am still laughing. I am in the hospital with Natasha and I need to get pajamas on. My clothes are stored between the door to the hall and the bathroom. The nurses hardly come in at night, so I thought I could be lazy and quickly change my shirt. As I start to put on my hoodie I hear the door starting to open. I had forgotten midnight vitals! The head opening of the hoodie is tight and I was struggling to get it on. I made a split second decision and tried to run to the bathroom. I couldn't see and the door was closed so I ended up just sort of running around trying to find my way to it. Tasha's poor male nurse entered to see me in my bra with my hands halfway suspended in my hoodie running around in crazy circles like a chicken. Awkward vitals. VERY awkward vitals. I am quite sure he is scarred for life.


  1. lol, as you know, the nurses start to feel like family.. so I am sure he is fine:)